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Hardwood floors are not only stunning to look at, but they’re incredibly durable and add significant value to your home. As the most traditional flooring solution available, hardwood can often be expensive and deter many from considering it for their homes. With the help of local and professional hardwood flooring contractors, you can have the option to select a hardwood that best suits your lifestyle needs, home aesthetics, and budget. Professional hardwood flooring contractors can assist in installing the hardwood, refinishing old or existing floors, or simply bringing beauty back into your floors with some repairs or maintenance.

About Us

San Antonio Wood Floor Services, in partnership with Garza’s Floor Refinishing, has been serving the San Antonio area for a number of years with continued customer satisfaction. We aim to provide the highest standard of hardwood flooring solutions available and are able to do this through our commitment to quality, customer service, and with special attention to detail. To make our work more efficient and reliable, we offer in-home estimates that allow clients to better understand us as a company and the work we can provide for their specific projects. Along with in-home estimates, our contractors are dedicated to flooring that is safe and affordable and is here to ensure that you’re given the best floors for your home.

Our Services

San Antonio Wood Floor Services has been providing the San Antonio area with the most reliable and trusted hardwood flooring services available for many years. Our work is completed with the help of our skilled and knowledgeable team of customer service agents and contractors, along with our expertise in the industry of hardwood flooring. We specialize in providing our clients with the highest standard of hardwood flooring services in the city and do this through our affordable products and services. When looking for a hardwood flooring company that can take on your project, it’s always advisable to choose a company that has documented experience and customer reviews, as we do.

In offering our quality hardwood flooring products and services, we’re able to give clients something that is unmatched in the area: top-notch hardwood combined with superior professionalism. Our success is measured through our customer satisfaction and is consistently scored amongst the highest with our competitors. If you’re in the market for hardwood flooring, installation, maintenance, and repairs, then you’ve come to the right team of experts to help you with your hardwood flooring needs! We are consistent dependable when it comes to our hardwood flooring services and welcome both new and returning clients to contact us for estimates and details regarding our services available. At the moment, we offer the following hardwood flooring services to the San Antonio and surrounding areas:

In-home Estimate

In providing our clients with in-home estimates, we’re able to assess the current condition of their home’s floors and any existing hardwood that may already be present. During this time, we’re not only able to see what work needs to be done, but we can provide our clients with a realistic budget that fits their project specifically. In-homes estimates are done by our professional contractors after they’ve measured and determined the state of the floors or existing wood, while also managing the client’s expectations.
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Wood Floor Installation San Antonio

Designs and installations are much more than picking wood for your floors and hoping it looks how you want it to. Many hardwood flooring installations can be done in designs or patterns that give your flooring more personal flair. If this is something you’re considering, it’s best to meet with a contractor to understand what your options are, whether you’re doing a pattern in the flooring or want to mix woods for added color and dimension.
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“I was recommended San Antonio Hardwood Flooring by a neighbor and I’m so glad I chose them to sand and refinish my old floors. They were able to save me hundreds of dollars and made my floors look like new. I really recommend them for any hardwood flooring projects you have!” -- Jerry S.

Wood Floor Refinishing San Antonio

Sanding and refinishing is the process of filing down the top layer of the hardwood to remove any splinters or imperfections. Sanding is done with a machine that helps even out the hardwood en masse and does so to ensure that all of the hardwood surfaces is leveled and smoothed. Once completed, refinishing involves adding the floors’ finish which can often be matte, glossy, or even satin-like finishes, depending on your preference and interior aesthetic.

Wood Floor Repairs San Antonio

Maintaining and repairing your hardwood floors don’t need to be challenging or tedious. Instead, adding a sealant to your hardwood typically deters most types of potential damages and can diminish the appearance of others. If particular damages have broken through the wood with abrupt pressure or force, your hardwood floors might be in need of professional maintenance and repairs that include filling holes or scratches or cutting new wood that’s been broken or chipped.

"San Antonio Wood Floor Services really has the best team of hardwood flooring contractors in the area. They gave me a great price on a new installation for my remodeling project and I've never been happier with my floors. Thank you guys for your great work!" -- Stefanie R.

Wood Stairs San Antonio

Stairs and handrails are not only functional for multilevel homes but also provide a great sense of comfort and security when reaching one floor of the home to another. To have optimal safety when doing so, adequate stairs and handrails are needed to ensure that protection and balance are present when moving between the house’s stories. To integrate your stairs and handrails into the rest of your flooring and home hardware, we offer custom-built stairs and handrails that’ll complement your interiors like never before.
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Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood

If you’re looking to add some durability to your home but aren’t sure what type of wood would be best, we’re here to offer our tips and advice on the differences, similarities, and comparisons of engineered vs. solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is a series of thin wood panels that are layered atop a plywood base while standard solid wood is simply hardwood that’s been cut into panels. Both have their pros and cons and the one chosen will depend upon the client’s budget and preference. 

"I contacted San Antonio Wood Floor Services to repair some damages to my hardwood from moving furniture. I thought the scratches in my flooring would never come out but they were able to sand the area and give my floors a great finish. Thanks again!" -- Kristen T.

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Residential Flooring Services

We do wood flooring in all areas of your home. Contact us for new installation, repairs, restoration or call us today for your specific home flooring needs.

Commercial Flooring Services

Beautiful flooring for your business or office, we’ve been providing commercial wood flooring services all over the city.  There’s no job too big or too small. 

Hardwood Flooring Companies San Antonio TX

When searching for local hardwood flooring services, we are the choice for San Antonio and surrounding cities. Our range of products and services include our in-home estimates, regular maintenance when requested, along with other unique hardwood flooring services such as installation, sanding, and refinishing. With each of our services comes quality assurance measures that leave you with hardwood floors that are dependable and long-lasting.