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Design & Installation

Have some ideas for the design and installation of your hardwood floors? No problem! We’re more than happy to integrate your ideas into the hardwood flooring project to make it more personalized and completely yours. We provide advice and feedback during in-home estimates and consultations so you can better understand what’s achievable and what isn’t. After we’ve made an agreement, we will order the supplies needed and begin the installation process by moving furniture, protecting furniture, and setting out a schedule of when to complete particular tasks such as staining, sanding, and cleaning. To avoid contact with your allergies or toxic chemicals, we’ll remain open and transparent about where we are in our project so that you can plan around it and be away from the area when needed.
Hardwood Designs
Hardwood designs are those that use varying colors of wood to create a nice pattern when laid into the floor. Hardwood designs can also refer to the finish that some woods have, depending on the type of wood. Some hardwood designs consist of several wood grains, little to no streaking on the hardwood, or the type of finish added to the top of the hardwood itself.
Certain patterns that clients often request for their hardwood floors include cross-hatching, which requires smaller panels, straight-lay, the most common, or even diagonal lay, in which the boards are installed at an angle. For some patterns, engineered hardwood may better achieve particular aesthetics given its flexibility, while solid hardwood is more limited in its pattern options. Other types of wood can also provide pattern options that you may not otherwise have available, such as bamboo flooring and laminate flooring, which are also easy to work with and create patterns from.
Hardwood staining is the process of adding a hue of color to the top of the wood to alter its shade and appearance. If you’ve chosen a lighter type of wood for your flooring project but would like it to match the dark cabinets around your home, then staining the wood is a great option and can help you achieve a dark wood floor aesthetic. Staining your hardwood floors doesn’t affect the integrity or durability of your floors as the color only penetrates the surface of the wood and gives it a new shade. The wood can then be finished with a matte, glossy, or satin finish to give your hardwood floors their final touch.
Installing wood flooring designs and patterns requires planning with the client beforehand. While some ideas may sound good in theory, clients often find that what they want may not look how they wanted it to in their home or it doesn’t look as they imagined it would. To avoid the disappointment of having new wood flooring designs and patterns installed before it’s too late, we meet with clients to discuss their expectations and ideas during the in-home estimate. This meeting is important for us to gauge the type of project at hand, as well as provide feedback on your ideas for custom patterns or designs. Once settled, the installation process is relatively simple and will include clearing the space we have to work with, protecting furniture, and giving our clients a timeframe of our work so they can work around it. 

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