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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and repairs to hardwood can be a tedious task if you aren’t sure how to upkeep with your floors consistently. While hardwood flooring pros are available to help with the most damaging of mishaps, such as deep scratching, discoloration, or indentation, there are some methods you perform at home that’ll keep the strength and appearance of hardwood in top condition. For formation or structural damage to your hardwood floors, we recommend contacting the professionals, instead of attempting to fit the damages on your own or potentially ruining them further.

DIY Hardwood Maintenance
To maintain the integrity of your hardwood floors, there are a number of DIY tips and tricks that you can perform at home, without the assistance of a professional, in order to keep your floors looking their best at all times. Some of these DIY tips and tricks include using rugs or mats near door entrances to decrease the spreading of dirt and bacteria onto the rest of the hardwood floors from outside, using wood-safe cleaning materials to clean the floors during regular mopping or deep cleaning, and adding sliders or soft pads to chairs and stools to avoid scratching along the floors. By doing all of these simple steps, you can ensure that your hardwood holds up to regular use and frequent foot traffic over time.

Refinishing Hardwood
If you have old or deteriorating hardwood floors in your home, you know that restoring them or making them look like new is challenging. With our professional techniques, we can assist you in refinishing your hardwood floors to look like new. This includes replacing old or broken boards and panels, sanding and smoothing any unleveled or protruding pieces, as well as softening the color to something stunning and even. The process of refinishing your hardwood floors, depending on their condition, is typically cheaper than removing and reinstalling brand new floors, but can give you the same effect and make use of your existing hardwood, without prematurely discarding it.

Polishing Hardwood
Over time, your hardwood floors can become dull in appearance and lose the shine or polish they once had. If you’re looking to restore the sheen to your hardwood floors, we recommend having professional hardwood floor pros polish your floors with professionally-tested products. In doing so, you can avoid the stress of figuring out which store-bought polishes are safe or fit the type of wood you have in your home and you can disregard the added stress of polishing your floors yourself. When we polish hardwood floors, we do so using products we’ve tested and trusted and work with a detailed hand, slowly around the corners and edges of the wood to ensure that it is all polished and beautiful.

Hardwood Repairs
Hardwood floor repairs include filling and fixing cracks, deep scratches, and loose panels in the wood. Sometimes, damaged areas in hardwood floors can be unsightly and even unsafe, so we make it our responsibility to provide you with repair services that readjust and fix the damages back to their natural beauty and in safe working order. Find out much more details about us.

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Floor Repair